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We solve business problems

“We are a boutique data consultancy with a passion for creating business value.

We’ve had the privilege to work with many of the world’s leading organizations and have established a reputation for move-the-needle solutions.”

Douglas Hackney
Enterprise Group, Ltd. 

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Global Experience

We help global companies and organizations solve their business problems.

Business Focused

We focus on tangible, measurable, and meaningful results that drive business value.

Critical Success Factors

We understand the non-technical factors that are key to success.

“Their ability to apply their knowledge to the needs of a company is what sets them apart from other consultants.”

Tim Butler

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“Enterprise Group, Ltd. did an excellent job in a short time span”

John Jurus
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt



We assess your problem and synthysize a solution from available resources

Solution Design

We design an accomplishable solution that delivers measurable business value

Solution Implemenation

We create and sustain teams to build, test, and implement the solution

Solution Operation

We operate solutions as a turnkey service

Delivering solutions for more than




AI / Machine Learning

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to create insights from big data and real-time data streams

Real-Time Data

We specialize in real-time and near-real-time data streams to support operations

Data Science

We use the tools and techniques of data science to create and sustain data sets that support AI, analytics, and drive decision making


We provide mobile and desktop/laptop analytics applications and dashboards to enable fact-based decisions

Big Data

We capture data of any form, at any scale, at any speed to feed our downstream AI and analytics systems

Industry 4.0

We leverage Industrial IoT and other tools and technologies to enable real-time visibility, insight, and derived intelligence across the entire supply chain

Enterprise Group, Ltd.'s real-world experience proved to be invaluable.

Jeff McBainFedEx

Enterprise Group, Ltd. brings a wealth of business insight to a project.

Ron PetersonPrincipal Financial Group

Enterprise Group, Ltd. formulated the right team of experts

Jed SummertonLevel 3 Communications

Enterprise Group, Ltd. provided critical success factor expertise

Nancy FictumWPS


Bottom Line Solutions

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