What We Do

Business Intelligence Systems

Business intelligence (BI) systems that address specific, meaningful business pain. This service includes proven methodologies for designing, delivering and sustaining BI systems; user-needs-driven systems that deliver information to expand the range of potential outcomes for a business. Deliverables include:

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  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Project Leadership & Mentoring
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Architecture Design
  • Team Evaluation and Education

Management Consulting

An assessment and action-oriented process to revitalize and energize businesses and management teams. This service provides frank, open assessments of the current state, along with pragmatic steps to leverage upside opportunities. Deliverables include:

Management Consulting
  • Challenge Assessment
  • Business Model and Market Review
  • Structure and Process Analysis
  • Talent Evaluation
  • Actionable Recommendations

Entrepreneur Mentoring

A turnkey entrepreneur evaluation, education, guidance and mentoring service. This offering provides entrepreneurs a support system equipped with proven knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of growing a business to exit.  Deliverables include:

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  • Leadership Assessment
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Training, Education and Advice
  • Strategic and Tactical Action Plans
  • Ongoing Guidance and Review

Technology Analysis

An in depth evaluation of pre-emergent and emerging technology. This service provides companies, educational institutions, research labs, government agencies and potential entrepreneurs a method to determine if technologies represent a valid commercial market opportunity. Deliverables include:

Technology Analysis
  • Market Opportunities
  • Maturity vs. Market Evolution
  • Suitability to Task
  • Capability
  • Commercialization Potential

Investment Opportunity Evaluation

Rapid evaluation of investment opportunities for seed, angel and venture capital investors. This service provides an assessment of the key risk factors for startups, focusing on the leadership team, the technology and the proposed business model. Deliverables include:

Investment Opportunity Evaluation
  • Leadership Team Evaluation
  • Technology Analysis
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitor Review
  • Risk Profile